meters of wood composite flooring

meters of wood composite flooring

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Visit, the reporter found a strange phenomenon: all of the OEM price floor is not Nett. For example, a price of 338 yuan / square meters of wood composite flooring, solid staff offer 168 yuan / square meter. Subsequently, the reporter visited the store several wooden floor, trek wood cost per foot price positioning are in the low-end level.

Solid wood flooring kick off after the average price of 150 yuan tile designs for terrace floor / square meter -300 yuan / square meter, the price parquet wood floor is half of the average price of 100 yuan / square meter -150 million / square meter. Laminate flooring is the price of concessions, the average price of 40 yuan / square meter -120 yuan / square meter. Manager Zhao told reporters, wood decking repairers poole and bournemouth starting in 2011, the renovation market "polarization" is obvious.

"Last year,glue for wpc board the high-end market floor eliminate discounts become the norm. Only a small amount of business given the fact that the amount of formaldehyde-containing wood flooring industry," depression "and in recent years," formaldehyde "also has some connection.
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