Attention to termite control, healthy floor!

Attention to termite control, healthy floor!

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<p>Although the wooden floor has been favorable for the modern home decoration, but there are some drawbacks, if prolonged moisture, termites will occur, resulting in corrosion of the wooden floor, but this phenomenon can be effectively addressed through relevant methods effective anti-termite, so that people normally use wood flooring, wood flooring to protect life, let on how wood termite expenditure recipe. The method of wood termite prevention. </p>

<p>1, wood termite first to protect: wood flooring has good ventilation, because the wooden floor easy to damp, timely timely air-dried, but can not control the moisture content of the wood floor, likely to cause corrosion, caused by termites. 2, the use of treated wood decor, kill wood borers and wood surface protective layer is formed to prevent future termites. 3, the choice of termite resistance, weather resistance, better wood species. 4, completed buildings can be destroyed when the stars fly flying winged adults each year, preventing new ethnic groups produce; provided low-pressure sodium lamps in outdoor air, and termites fly during use to reduce termite invasion, low-pressure sodium vapor lamp against flying insects effect lamp placed basin, winged adults would drop water and drowned. 5, houses inside and outside the wall, the wall, door frames, window frames and other repair cracks, reducing invasion nesting success.</p>

<p> Control methods wood termites. 1. Ecological Control Method: In front of the building, water conservancy project started construction, after the completion of delivery of the long time series of farming work and take various measures to create is not conducive to the breeding of termites environment. 2, biological control: the use of natural enemies to combat termites, termites and fungi use the indicator to find the nest method. 3, physical and mechanical prevention and treatment methods: the use of labor, equipment, and physical light, heat, electricity, sound waves can to combat termites. 4, chemical control method: using a variety of toxic chemicals, pharmaceuticals, through a certain way, in direct contact with termite larvae, or processing habitats, breeding sites, hazardous objects, termites by contact or ingestion drug poisoning deaths.</p>

<p> 5, insecticides. On the renovation works already had a very effective method of controlling termites, for example, will not let the environment is very humid, ventilation; in termite-infested wood products easy or below the surface or spray insecticide serving are very effective disinfection agent Methods. 6, booby-traps. Where termites place, in the corner where four cracks stacked pile of pine or cardboard soaked in syrup, a month or so, gently lifted, if found termites gathered that sprayed &quot;mirex&quot; powders, let another infection poisoning; another method is decorated before spraying termite termite clearance agent in the wood member, such as a wooden floor, you should spray termite agents on the ground four weeks or keel.</p>

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