Construction Machinery Industry

Construction Machinery Industry

Postautor: harden » 23 wrz 2016, o 09:00

This year, the cash flow from the tight, high level of accounts receivable sold to radical economic cold, around the topic of the construction machinery industry has continued. Sany (microblogging) (12.79, -0.20, -1.54%) of large-scale layoffs are also considered economic winter, when the decline of the industry, companies must not seek to protect themselves in order to move. However, faced with the same market environment, the industry is not now layoffs, construction machinery after the potential is still cautiously optimistic.

So, there are senior members of the long-term observation of the construction machinery industry has pointed out, Trinity layoffs storm, not only is the role of the external environment, should be attributed to the company's long-term extensive management and the scale of development strategies lead to aggressive staffing structure unreasonable. Therefore, downsizing is not a common phenomenon in the industry.

Development of construction machinery industry is one of the vane of the national economy, indeed affect the whole body. In which the company, only Lianhaoneigong, and any change in the face of shocks to equanimity.

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