wood floor processing

wood floor processing

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City of Quality and Technical Supervision sampling results released this morning show that the city's production and marketing of solid wood flooring product water proof composite deck material reviews sample pass rate of 78.9%, sampling 95 kinds of 75 kinds of qualified, qualified rate rose by 4.2 percentage points compared to 2007.

Spot checks found that wood processing accuracy become the "Achilles heel." The sampling of total wood product name, the appearance of quality, 2x4 rustic composite supplier precision, moisture content, lacquer plate surface wear, film adhesion, film hardness and other seven projects were tested. Precision non-compliance was found in this sample the most prominent problem in the failure of the 20 kinds of products, there are 18 kinds of products in this project failed (see table at right). Precision non-compliance mainly as the width of the floor, the tongue width,decking to make shutters thickness dimensions shrink.

As standard width, mold inhibitor products for wood floor thickness and explicit nominal width,some floor average size negative deviation 0.5 mm; some floor shape position deviation caused assembled from the seam and the height difference far beyond National standard.
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