Chinese wood floor service specification

Chinese wood floor service specification

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This is the first launch of Chinese wood floor service standards by the Chinese Forestry Industry Association, the China Consumer Association released, Beijing regal Eurasian Wood Limited. China Forestry Industry Association, the China Consumer Association and other leaders of relevant departments and experts and business representatives attended the conference, the organizers invited the Chinese flooring Net CEO Zhang Jianzhong attended the press conference. Our wood floor after nearly 10 years of rapid development, has formed a multi-species, multi-brand, multi-standard and multi-level product structure, from the production, sale, one-stop service to the laying of the industry pattern. From the mid-1990s and since then, wood production and sales are about 20% per year rate of increase, the rapid growth of the industry is bound to challenge, on the one hand is the quality issue, this Chinese Forestry Industry Association and the China Consumers' Association released last year, three consumer white paper: "China wood flooring consumer White Paper", "China laminate flooring consumer White Paper", "China wood flooring consumer White Paper", composite tongue and groove decking North America aimed at industry conditions, product quality, quality of pavement and optional knowledge consumer information symmetry reached with regard to guide consumers on the correct, rational consumption, in the event of a dispute the quality of evidence-based consumer; on the other hand is a service problem, today we released "Chinese wood floor service standards" designed to regulate the production service enterprises, allow consumers to better enjoy the wooden floors bring warmth, bridge between consumers and enterprises to establish a service, the supervision of the bridge, a bridge of communication, the flow of the bridge, the formation of active service, consumer who actively monitor the pattern of wood flooring market healthy development. Service specification for the wood floor enterprises to establish a service quality management system to provide clear requirements and guidelines, will open the market to meet demand. Domestic wood flooring business may refer to "Chinese wood floor service standards", the establishment of enterprise service quality management self-evaluation system, by conducting customer satisfaction surveys and improving service quality and service levels. Industry organizations and consumer organizations can refer to "Chinese wood floor service standards" to carry out the enterprise service quality survey, extensively absorb the community quality of service, buy engineered wood siding Korea evaluation and advice service mode service effectiveness, and promote the service system and enhance the wood floor perfect.
However, the current wood floor there are some outstanding issues, namely, the growing homogenization of the product, and second, fake and shoddy products to hit the market. Faced with numerous state of the market, industry, consumers, markets are calling for the introduction of the service specification wood floor, to end years of continuous "unregulated state." They make every effort to serve as brand value, so that consumers not only buy the same quality of the floor, balcony christmas decorating ideas additional and more attentive service. Introduction of service standards will guide the wood floor level of service to new heights, wood floor guide services entered a stage of mature development. Service specification flooring companies not only provide consumers with complete and comprehensive pre-sale, sale, service, and the establishment of sustainable and efficient training system for the relevant service personnel; not only has visual appeal with modern equipment and service facilities, also has a reliable the ability to complete the promised service accurately. China Forestry Industry Association, Zhang forest president pointed out that "Chinese wood floor service standards," the release of the industry in the future to further strengthen management, promote the development of the industry, has important and far-reaching significance. China Consumer Association, Dong Jingsheng, deputy Secretary-General said that from the perspective of consumer guidance, according to consumers, "Chinese wood floor service standards" make a reasonable consumer choice, consumer interests will be more consequent effective protection. Conference, general manager Yuan Yide regal company made a wonderful speech on behalf of companies, waterproof deck planking diy as "Chinese wood floor service standards" to assist the drafting of the floor on behalf of the enterprise solemn commitment to the community: "We think that community to provide quality products and perfect service responsibility, in order to promote healthy development, nation-building, the construction industry to make its own contribution. " It was agreed that "Chinese wood floor service standards" to make the launch of the emergence of more outstanding Chinese wood flooring brand flooring business, and create a more able to meet consumer services model, the Chinese wood floor service early maturity ! - China Flooring network correspondent reported from the scene back
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