kinds of flooring brand

kinds of flooring brand

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Resource shortages solid wood flooring, multi-layer solid wood flooring is more and more accepted by consumers, become the size of the potential. The current multi-layer solid wood flooring production technology, quality standards, production and marketing aspects of the base and other issues, the industry there are many puzzles, flame retardant wood decoration materials the urgent need for a professional organization to coordinate a unified standard to solve. Shanghai Timber Industry Association multilayer wood flooring service center came into being.

Service center to serve the multi-layer solid wood flooring industry as its mission, relying on experts and professional markets, providing a full range of standardized services. Hotline, wood floor tile suppliers on-site service, to solve the multi-layer solid wood flooring Advisory complaints quiz. Furen market is the only existing flooring material distribution centers, multi-source, brand ring, is the best platform for your business operations do. Ad hoc multi-layer solid wood flooring zone, provides one-stop service warehouse, office, trading, etc., to "worry-free transaction, unlimited business opportunities."

Construction area of ??6000 m2 of the country's first Flooring Exhibition Center has brought together more than one hundred kinds of flooring brand, your product to market big stage. compression moulding of wood plastics Assisting organized industry multilayer solid wood flooring brand selection and industry seminars. Also, by the Shanghai Timber Industry Association, China Timber Circulation Association Flooring Committee organized Holford people flooring material distribution center hosted the first national multi-layer solid wood flooring large-scale seminars and trade fairs.
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