Wood flooring Price

Wood flooring Price

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200 yuan / square meter -500 yuan / square meter laminate flooring: color multifunction payment frequency upgrade of laminate flooring, with its abrasion, moisture resistance, burning, <a href="http://chooseoutdoordeck.com/eco-product/4336.html">composite wood pergolas kits wholesale dubai</a> easy to paving, easy maintenance and reasonable prices and other advantages, has become in recent years consumers preferred floor covering material, only Quanzhou, laminate flooring wood floor will capture more than eighty percent of the market share. But many consumers reflect, laminate flooring market many brands, good and bad mixed, missing specifications, the price disparity between high and low, and product appearance differences are small, choose to bring a lot of trouble. A well-known agent Mr. flooring brands Quanzhou Liu Jianzhong told reporters, common to unscrupulous businesses use on the market for consumers do not understand the characteristics of wood, wantonly cut corners in the process, <a href="http://chooseoutdoordeck.com/eco-product/5287.html">environmentally friendly outdoor deck for sale</a> and then depress the case of the sale price of these "five bad board "quality problems are quite prominent, after a problem, consumers tend to lodge complaints. Liu Jianzhong recommend that consumers choose to buy the best brand of laminate flooring, wood flooring brand to strengthen quality assurance, and has a relatively stable supply channels and improve after-sales service, more trustworthy. Feature upgrades laminate flooring can be described as the future development of a trend, the manufacturers through the material has a special feature on laminate flooring surface, the bottom or the middle add to improve floor performance, antibacterial wood floors, wood floors, and other varieties mute It is one of the outstanding representatives. In the market selling mute cork flooring, for example, the floor at the bottom of an ordinary laminate flooring adds a layer of 2mm thick cork. Cork is a natural polymer material with a series of excellent features elasticity, moisture, sound insulation. When a person walks in with a cork layer laminate flooring, <a href="http://chooseoutdoordeck.com/eco-product/6632.html">composite decking ireland sale</a> the bottom of the cork can absorb part of the sound, play a role in reducing noise. Price: 79 yuan / square meter -200 yuan / square meter. Parquet: function quite practical but the lack of strong brands as the high price of solid wood flooring, solid wood flooring has become their good alternative. Parquet wood flooring both natural beauty, comfortable, good insulation properties strengths, but also to overcome the solid wood flooring due to shrinkage of the monomer, easily warped crack deficiencies. Parquet and ease of installation, under normal circumstances do not hit the keel, so popular market welcomed. According to the National Forestry Association statistics, in 2004, solid wood flooring sales in the country is 30 million square meters, and this number is growing at 30% -50% growth rate of the increase, it can be said, parquet wood flooring industry in veritable "rising star." But laminate flooring has a lot more well-known brands have a different situation, the reporter found that the current relative lack of market parquet strong domestic brands. It is understood that the current domestic market wood flooring brands less, mostly export-oriented. Price: 150 yuan / square meter -300 yuan / square meter
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