Buy wood floor what needs attention?

Buy wood floor what needs attention?

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(1) pay attention to when choosing wood flooring notches and thickness.
Manufacturers in the production of wood in order to save costs, deliberately shortened notch. If we use this floor decoration, it is easy to step up a noise. In thickness, the standard thickness of solid wood flooring is 18mm, laminate flooring standard thickness is 12mm, the standard thickness of the wood flooring is 15mm. We must choose the right size when buying wood floor depending on their material. If its thickness is substandard, it is easy bagging, corrugated problems occur. These are the first flooring purchase considerations.
(2) pay attention to when choosing wood flooring color.
Everyone likes nice things. Some unscrupulous businesses in order to make the floor look inferior high point, will choose "add color." Plus floors is actually patched board. If the optional wood floor is not careful, soon after we renovated the ground will be cracking, paint, and other critical issues, even if you find a way to polish patch useless. This is the second purchase considerations wood floor.
(3) to pay attention to when choosing wood flooring sales issues.
Real quality wood flooring manufacturers will provide comprehensive after-sales service, so we can use this when purchasing wood flooring as a reference. Therefore, the choice of wood flooring, be sure to pay attention to its thickness and notch whether there is a problem, while the wooden floor color choice is more important.

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