the floor area

the floor area

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South afraid tide, northern fear pumping, the floor area in Shanghai how to stabilize it, no crack, no bagging, measured stability. All public areas of the floor must be garden fence ideas in Corvallis Fourth, wood stain, because the wood has new wood sapwood, color must exist, how to make color reduction, to meet people's needs.

In particular, some high-quality timber, we mahogany floors, red sandalwood, etc., we can afford, how the timber to achieve their goals through dyeing, the dye not mean surface corrosion,backyard waterproof terrace deck but to go inside to the timber colors are even more stable, and there is also a science. Fifth, modern marketing, for example, we are now in terms of the flooring industry has a lot to enhance the brand's mistake. First, the CCTV advertising. Second, it asked the spokesperson. I think this is not a modern marketing tool.

CCTV We welcome it, but the floor distribution coverage of your brand is not, I'm not saying sales Huajing floor has been great, but I think the CCTV advertising more harm than good, manufacture slabs and poles you mainly rely on overtime ads, or by Shanghai advertising, or by advertising, Zhejiang and Jiangsu as Northwest, Southwest, North China Chun brand reputation floor is not great, relying on the national annual CCTV advertising floor, the floor can not find no alternative.
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