Reasons to buy a few floors of the preferred Yifu Lin

Reasons to buy a few floors of the preferred Yifu Lin

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First, in order to guarantee ultra high performance wear layer configuration: The American company MEAD 46g wear-resistant paper, wear-resistant strength of AC3 class standards, but also to moisture, <a href="">composite decking boards uk</a> water, and has a strong anti-flame effect cushion resin layer: high quality resin raw materials, effective buffer floor momentum, but also to prevent the invasion of moisture; decorative layer: American IP, Pui Fai company produces high-quality wood paper, with UV protection, do not fade, and other multi-effects; substrate layer: low formaldehyde environmental protection group material, but also has an excellent effect moisture; balancing layer: 120g special paper, can maintain floor balance, damp deformation, and more durable Second, the product features leading flooring market 1, super plate length: floor length reaches 2.446 meters. stronger continuity of the surface texture, the visual effect is more comfortable; can also reduce the number of assembly floor, saving assembly time, reflect the new minimalist style; 2, three-dimensional chute: three-dimensional chute V-tongue and groove, to avoid the force of the tongue and groove direct impact, but it will also prevent feathering, thus prolonging the life of the floor, but also reflects the feeling of solid wood floor; Third, technological innovation with industry-leading standard 1, <a href="">replacement composite bench slats</a> super mute: add a satisfied tone base layer particles absorb noise with excellent results, than other floor acoustics strong; 2, durable: base layer produced using HOMANIT HDF, wooden flooring improves flexibility, impact resistance, smooth appearance and dimensional stability; 3, antibacterial and antifungal: the introduction of high-tech " photocatalyst "technology (mainly composed of nanoscale Tio2), can absorb ultraviolet excitation formation of superoxide, can not only destroy the virus cells, but also kill the bacteria floating in the air; <a href="">recycled plastic fence posts suppliers in scotland</a> 4, no height difference: ultra-precision processing technology, truly seamless and eliminates the level difference; 5, easy to install: The unique design of locking structure, with just one button, you can complete the floor installation; Fourth, with the quality to guarantee the protection of consumer interests 1. Yifu Lin floor by PICC 15 years of quality assurance, consumers can be assured use .2. Yifu Lin floor three years of free maintenance and lifetime services .3 as consumers to install or damage caused by improper use of the floor, at the request of the consumer, by the manufacturer or its designated agent for the consumer to complete the repair work, repair costs are limited to the cost of materials and labor costs (or 85% of the prevailing market price) 4. within 12 months after the purchase, such as product quality problems, <a href="">wooden roof terrace</a> manufacturer to ensure free primary or replace the same amount of the corresponding color of the product quality of the product.
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