Micro-surfacing and slurry seal mix design

Micro-surfacing and slurry seal mix design

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This article from the emulsified asphalt and modified asphalt emulsion production process control and quality factors that affect the emulsification, the technical requirements of slurry seal and micro-surfacing materials and test points, slurry seal and micro surfacing Mixture Ratio Design methods and procedures, micro-surfacing and slurry seal construction site construction and quality control and other aspects of the micro-surfacing and slurry seal mixture experiment, construction, and so do a more detailed discussion.
Keywords: micro-surfacing slurry seal Ratio Design and Construction Control
The difference between a brief and micro-surfacing and slurry seal
Transport is the lifeblood of the national economy, road transport is one of the main mode of transport, and therefore, all countries in the importance of road building at all levels, but also attaches great importance to regular paved road repair and maintenance. With the gradual formation and improvement and upgrade requirements of low-grade highway network, but also with the gradual tension gradually increase awareness of environmental protection and energy in recent years, emulsified asphalt slurry seal and used more widely, and micro surfacing in recent years developed on the basis of slurry seal, it applies to highways, and secondary preventive maintenance of asphalt pavement rutting of asphalt pavement overlay and repair; cement concrete pavement, cement concrete bridge surface, cement concrete road tunnel overlay; new or renovation and expansion of the highway, an asphalt secondary road pavement, cement concrete deck surface wear layer.
Micro-surfacing is a polymer modified asphalt emulsion, 100% rolling aggregates, mineral filler and water and necessary additives; and micro-surfacing paving the use of specialized equipment while mixing while paving paving can according to the original status of the implementation of the road paving single or double paving.
Micro-Surfacing mixed paving could be open within a short period of time traffic, particularly traffic opening times vary depending on the actual circumstances of each project varies, usually 12.7mm thick sealing layer at the temperature 24 ��, humidity less than 50% the case could be open in 1 hour traffic withstand the wheels rolling, but can not have brakes, start or turn phenomenon; micro-surfacing can improve skid resistance of the road surface, can prevent moisture infiltration, and prevent aging pavement loose.
Micro-surfacing is currently mainly used in highways in the province, twelve of asphalt pavement preventive maintenance, that no major overhaul of the original pavement, but more transverse cracks appear in the pavement, cracking network excessive, the surface is too smooth adopt more serious rut ??and a thin layer of pavement overlay method, this method is not more than the costs incurred, but in time to eliminate the road early disease, prolong life of the road.
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