Avoid misunderstanding warm floor waxing floor waxing withou

Avoid misunderstanding warm floor waxing floor waxing withou

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<p>Floor waxing maintenance of the floor is well known thing. But in fact, some do not need waxing wooden floor, such as laminate flooring and underfloor heating floor. Today Xiaobian summed up the floor waxing a few common sense, so you understand the basics of the floor waxing, floor waxing to avoid misunderstanding when. Mistakes to avoid the floor to warm the floor waxing .1 without waxing, floor waxing role of conservation, floor waxing conservation is through the surface layer of wax on the floor, you can play the absence of air, water vapor after curing wax, the role of dust, thereby reducing damage to the floor due to oxidation or discharge of harmful substances in the air caused by; also can serve to reduce wear and shoes to the floor, thus prolonging the life of the floor. </p>

<p>2, floor wax floor vs oil, floor wax: floor waxing maintenance is the most indispensable natural floor wax. Many types of floor wax product on the market, generally two types of floor wax, liquid wax, cheap, simple, done quickly, the disadvantage is poor wear resistance short life cycle; another is solid wax, it must use a professional high speed waxing machine polishing. Its advantage is the ability to make a uniform layer of wax, floor length brightness, high wear resistance, the use of cycles. Floor oil: In recent years, the floor floor maintenance of essential oils gradually become the new darling of flooring oils are generally composed of resin and natural wood phytoncid deployment, there are deep moisture, prevent cracking, patching minor cracks in effect. </p>

<p>Relative to the higher floor wax, floor oils hardness and brightness, but there are likely to make the floor appear fogging problems. Currently flooring oil market is not normative standards, there are many inferior products, but after use may cause deformation floor absorbent. 3, floor waxing maintenance misunderstanding, misunderstanding: Laminate flooring does not need waxing. Laminate flooring is divided into surface wear layer, the base layer and the underlying three-layer structure, the surface wear layer of aluminum oxide, with high wear resistance and protection, and therefore relative to other solid wood flooring, laminate flooring surface protection itself relatively tight, no &quot;superfluous.&quot;</p>

<p> And after waxing, to strengthen the latter part of the floor cleaning cause more trouble. Furthermore, nor do they need to warm the floor waxing to prevent wax barrier film to warm geothermal distribution. Myth: floor waxing not better. Floor waxing not use wax as possible, because if you use too much wax, it will fill the gap affect the appearance, can also cause uneven polish, floor brightness. Therefore, when the floor waxing with wax sufficient to cover the floor surface to form a uniform wax film. In addition, floor waxing is not the more frequent the better, generally solid wood flooring once every six months to play.</p>

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