Benefits of Composite Floors

Benefits of Composite Floors

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It is a combination of solid wood parquet flooring and strengthen the advantages of laminate flooring, solid wood flooring and easy to avoid damp deformation, maintenance problems and other shortcomings, but also to compensate for laminate flooring foot feeling good and stiff texture of the same defect. Parquet in the bottom and middle layer of the vertical and horizontal arrangement of the layers of cheap wood as a structural layer, , the surface layer is 2 to 5mm of solid wood, wood layers caused tension because of stress can be offset batches, so distortion does not occur in Interface flooring application form Kai mouth, so to increase the compactness of the connection, to prevent water seepage.

However, due to a combination of multi-layer parquet wood requires a lot of glue bonding, and adhesive and very high formaldehyde content, so it is likely to cause excessive formaldehyde. Be sure to select the products meet national environmental standards.Therefore, , we should try to choose low by international environmental organizations the standards of the brand. At the same time, to choose a good quality ingredients, materials. Preferably the floor and materials purchased separately, and signed with the business units with environmental protection. Use green plastic floor when installing or minimize the use of plastic, not rubber.

Look Material: good base to pull pure and free of impurities, fiber color was yellow. Hardwood flooring substrate material mainly full Meranti, poplar, willow and miscellaneous mixed hardwood, mixed with other types of hybrid poplar. Full Meranti wherein the substrate hardness, stability, , bonding properties, processing performance and other physical characteristics of the substrate to be significantly better than the other species, and when conditions allow, the best choice of all-Meranti base floor.
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