Jiu Sheng floor is recommended

Jiu Sheng floor is recommended

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Zhe Jiang Jiusheng Flooring Co., Ltd. as a representative of the city's green enterprise, wooden fence panel as a deck is recommended to declare the national environment-friendly enterprises, the province's declaration of national environment-friendly enterprises only two, long-Sheng floor is the city's first and only one. Declaration of national environment-friendly enterprises must obtain municipal, provincial green enterprises. "National Environmental Friendly Enterprise" is the State Environmental Protection Administration established the honorary title, including the evaluation criteria to achieve stability and to comply with all relevant environmental laws, regulations and standards; conscious implementation of cleaner production, the use of advanced clean production processes, radiance express railing versus pvc and the establishment of improve the environmental management system; security products, the quality of health should meet the relevant standards, are not allowed to use the law, international conventions and regulations, standards and our country signed in banned substances within the scope of the environmental labeling of products to meet the environmental goods certification standards. The title symbolizes business-friendly environment, and strive to create harmony between man and nature and coordination, comprehensive utilization of energy resources, energy, clean and beautiful production environment. Zhe Jiang Jiusheng Flooring Co., Ltd. since its inception in 2001, with regard to green manufacturing and clean production concept to set up factories. To solve the problem of emissions from gas business, the company management to move a lot of brains, a total investment of more than 400 million environmental bonus, the introduction of 28 micro-electronic control drying kiln, diy deck bench seating with backrest wood dust crystals were dried to make emissions to avoid the pollution of the air. In the dust, not only have Turnery Bag storage, to prevent dust leakage, and to close up sawdust used as a drying kiln fuel, sawdust and wood combustion ash is used as the villagers fertilize the soil, thus forming a comprehensive resource and the use of a virtuous circle. Further, as the practice of Zhejiang Forestry University teaching and research base, the company is currently working with the Zhejiang Forestry College in cooperation ash wood carbonization technology, improve the added value of wood ash. Paint on the wooden floor, the company would rather spend more money to use imported environmentally friendly paint, without the use of non-environmentally friendly paints containing formaldehyde ingredient. It is estimated that, since the use of environmentally friendly paint brush flooring, paint only costs companies each produce one square meter floor to spend $ 2 more than a year will have to spend more than 400 million. In this regard, the company chairman En Jiu explained, the floor belongs to each household necessities, they let their users get a comfortable and healthy living environment, so the purchase of raw materials to manufacture the entire production process, are environmentally friendly process to deal with. En Jiu also said that they sell floor although slightly higher price point, but now more and more people pay attention to environmental protection, so the sales are still good. faux wood deck tiles in uk Company annual production capacity of 2 million square meters, the output value of about 2 million, and sold in Australia, the United States, Ukraine and other seven countries and regions.
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