Wooden floor during the year may rise 20%

Wooden floor during the year may rise 20%

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60 square meter rose to 15,200 yuan It is understood that this year, cheap outdoor fencing south africa affected by factors such as environmental protection, import timber larger price increases, which pulled the market price of timber, wood flooring Shenzhen price and therefore the rise. Industry insiders estimate that this situation will continue, or the end of the year compared with last year may reach 20%. According to the Shenzhen Building Materials Industry Association, the relevant parties, in the case of the overall rise in the price of timber country, Shenzhen inevitably continue to rise in the same pattern. Compared with the end of last year, Shenzhen, sales of major brands of solid wood flooring prices rose about 8% to 15%. As citizens like heavy wood ants (commonly known as red sandalwood), how much per linear foot for stockade fence the end of last year was 210 yuan per square meter to 220 yuan, and now, compared with 240 yuan to 250 yuan; two winged beans (commonly known as dragon and phoenix Tan) Price per year square meter 170 yuan to 180 yuan, and now has reached 200 yuan. Due to the current renovation is the off-season, the price rise is not yet clear, the business substantially to maintain the original more stable price trend. Market participants believe that after September to enter the fitting season, wood raw material contradiction between supply and demand will appear, when the price rise will be noticeable. According to industry estimates, by the end of the previous year prices will rise to 20% or more, but not spikes. synthetic wpc wood boat decking australia Solid wood flooring prices increased home improvement expenses. A 100 square meters of the house, takes about shop floor about 60 square meters, the use of heavy wood ants, the original cost of about 12,600 yuan, and now you need to about 14,400 yuan by the end likely to rise to around 15,200 yuan. Wood building materials showed gains influence by wood raw material, wood related products prices are also likely to rise. Learned from Shenzhen over the floor trader at the current purchase price of raw materials than the floor shortly before the float per square meter of about 10 yuan, the bigger gains than years ago, about 30 yuan to 40 yuan. Shenzhen Hong Wood Co., Ltd. related departments Hou introduction: At present, composite wood fence panel wholesale China wood flooring materials are dependent on the rainforest trees in developing countries, as these countries increasingly strengthen environmental awareness, have started to limit cutting, logging ban, so that China's imports of timber sources increasingly scarce, leading to timber import prices of raw materials as a whole showed a rising trend.
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