solid wood flooring decoration more at ease

solid wood flooring decoration more at ease

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Solid wood flooring compared to ordinary wood flooring is expensive, so the need to spend time in the purchase of the mind and more. In general, the purchase of large brands of solid wood flooring will be more secure,environmentally friendly flooring but consumers can not rest assured that the time of purchase or to see more to ask to think about delivery delivery should be carefully counted. Xiaobian listed below the three solid wood flooring when buying the note, do not know, then carefully take notes.
Intention to buy solid wood flooring decoration more at ease. 1, the surface of good quality: the key to see the film uniform, smooth, no bubbles, Lek paint, no dead section, live section, cracking, decay, bacteria and other defects. As for the color of the floor, wood flooring is a natural wood products, Corrosion diy deck there are objectively uneven color and pattern of the phenomenon, which is unavoidable. And laying solid wood flooring feel the feeling of return to nature, is in its natural color, pattern, should the excessive pursuit of the floor without color, is unreasonable, as long as the pavement can be adjusted slightly. Intention to buy solid wood flooring decoration more at ease.
2, the floor of high precision: remove the 5,6 pieces of solid wood flooring in the glass or flat place assembled by the tongue and groove, hand touch, outdoor wall panel seeing the quality of its processing accuracy, smoothness is smooth, tenon, groove, installation gap, Deformation tank and other assembly is exactly match the seam. The gap is too large, too small, easy to increase in air humidity caused by swelling tilt. Tenon groove construction principle is through a number of unique processing technology through the molding of the wood, without nails, riveting and any adhesive or other external auxiliary conditions or any means, but the use of their own tongue and groove combination, which composed from different angles And different directions can show different shapes of wood tenon groove products.
3, after-sales service and thoughtful: Consumers in the purchase of solid wood flooring should complete the purchase procedures, the invoice marked trees,outdoor flooring grade and installation by who is responsible for such issues. This may be the quality of disputes in the future can provide a basis. The general responsible manufacturers will be thoughtful for the customer and do. Of course, we should also pay more attention.
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