wood flooring retail

wood flooring retail

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Second, solid wood flooring industry's gross margin itself is not high, solid wood flooring as a high-end consumer goods, environmental awareness in developed countries, stain free composite decking producer solid wood flooring retail price is much higher than our domestic, as we understand that domestic Solid wood flooring retail price is about 1/3 of developed countries.

although the introduction of the country after the consumption tax solid wood flooring market prices will certainly rise, but compared with the international market is not high. adding lattice to vinyl fence 3, the state collection of solid wood flooring consumption tax is not necessary?

Second, will improve the efficiency of timber use, linear meters to square meters decking taxation will encourage manufacturers and consumers to pay more attention to the production of solid wood flooring and consumption, so that the actual cost of taxes and fees increased by 6%.parkland benches parts Now solid wood flooring, refers to the floor, parquet average ex-factory price of about 230 yuan per square meter, 170 yuan, 130 yuan, corresponding to the cost of 14 yuan, 10 yuan, 8 yuan.
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