Renovation of wood flooring or tiles

Renovation of wood flooring or tiles

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Home decoration with good wood flooring or tiles? Tiles clean but too popular; wood flooring comfortable but difficult to manage, how to do? This problem annoying a lot of owners.

As for the home shop or a good tile flooring is good, has always been a controversial issue. The reason lies in the wood floors and tiles. With the shop also saw the following two wood flooring tile comparison of the pros and cons to know.

Several reasons to choose wood flooring
1. Natural wood gives a natural texture, comfortable and beautiful, the so-called "grade" advantage. If the room shop wooden floor, not only foot feel comfortable, and can greatly reduce the sound of the impact of the floor, so that the room warm and quiet.
2. Wood floor is more "gentle", if the family has the elderly, children fall, the wood plate is not easy to walk away causing too much damage, but if it is tiles, will fall more serious.

Wood flooring defects
Wood flooring is good-looking, but it needs more care and maintenance. Wood flooring affected by the weather and moderately large, easily deformed after flooding Alice; need regular waxing maintenance; easy to scratch by sharp objects; compared to ceramic tile flooring life shorter.

The reason for choosing tiles
Tiles are several obvious advantages are: easy maintenance, maintenance is simple, not easy to hide pollution, no air pollutants, long life, the general will not be scratched, from Alice and so on. If you prefer the more convenient, and the election of the magnetic bar. Tile size is also very rich in color, decorative effect and the effect of wood floors comparable to take care of convenience, just sweep sweep, rub a clean wipe.

Tiles of several major shortcomings
Tile of the poor comfort, cold, the feet feel hard up, not warm; thermal insulation is also poor; tile pavement complex, cumbersome construction; easy to slip in the wet season.

According to the requirements of different regions with the use of both, such as the kitchen, bathroom walls are tiled, bedroom, living room floor wood floor, play the advantages of both.

Whether it is wood or tiled flooring, you can choose according to their actual situation.

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