Diversification of China flooring

Diversification of China flooring

Postautor: harden » 27 wrz 2016, o 07:36

Multilayer solid wood with its own relatively stable characteristics: First floor structure superimposed vertical and horizontal, contain each other, effectively overcome the shortcomings of wood easily deformable; the second is connected to the tongue and groove, paving simple; the third is natural environment,how much fencing costs in addition to solid wood flooring surface use a good wood materials, the rest can be used to make a sandwich and fast-growing forest base, help protect the environment.

The community and other multi-media and associations vigorous advocacy, and industry experts who continue to nurture the market, consumers multilayer solid wood floor will gradually deepen understanding. With the rapid growth in demand for wood flooring, floor giants have vied for the overseas market,furniture made out of decking but also will promote domestic enterprises to increase the intensity of the floor on the market and brand culture, the future of multi-layer solid wood flooring will be a wide range in the market promotion, marketing will become the main event.

Diversification of China flooring, multi-brand,expect to pay for a cedar fence multi-species phenomenon will continue to exist for a long period of time, who the Chinese market rules and laws of the market's grasp of international comparison system, more clearly, anyone can reduce the time, as soon as possible obtain benefits.
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