To create a perfect wood floor waxing

To create a perfect wood floor waxing

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<p>Beauty is a day to apply the mask is to maintain the skin, the same token, wood flooring also need to wax to conservation. Is not all the floor need to wax? Wax measurement and the need to pay attention to what is it? I believe many families in the wood floor waxing on this matter have the same confusion, with a look at it! First, the role of floor waxing conservation, floor waxing maintenance is through the floor surface layer of wax, the wax can be cured after the cut off the role of air, water vapor, dust, thereby reducing the floor due to oxidation or the lifting of air In the damage caused by harmful substances; at the same time can also play to reduce the degree of wear on the floor, such as shoes, thus extending the life of the floor. Second, the floor waxing conservation errors, 1, strengthen the floor and do not need waxing, strengthening the floor is divided into wear-resistant surface layer, the substrate layer and the bottom three-tier structure, wear-resistant surface layer of aluminum oxide, with high Of the wear resistance and protection, compared with other wood and other flooring, laminate flooring to protect the surface itself is relatively tight, do not need to &quot;superfluous.&quot;</p>

<p> And after waxing, the latter part of the enhanced floor cleaning cause greater trouble. In addition, to warm the floor without waxing, to prevent the wax film to block the distribution of warm geothermal. 2, the floor waxing is not the better, the floor waxing is not the use of wax the better, because if too much wax, but will fill the gaps affect the appearance, will result in uneven polishing, the impact of floor brightness. So when the floor waxing wax enough to cover the surface of the floor to form a uniform wax film can be. In addition, the floor waxing is not the more frequent the better, the general solid wood floor can be played once every six months. Third, the wood floor waxing method, if it is a large area of ​​the floor needs to be waxed, it is recommended that you please professional cleaning company to do, because they have a professional waxing polishing machine, the construction faster and the price is not expensive. And if the waxing area is not large, then it is recommended that owners of time can be their own. </p>

<p>The following look at how the owners themselves on the floor waxing treatment. 1, waxing the environment ready, the best choice for the floor waxing in the weather better time to avoid the high humidity and low temperature of the construction time, high humidity is likely to produce white turbidity, and the temperature is lower than 5 Celsius floor wax is easy to harden, adverse construction. 2, construction tools and floor wax preparation, large area waxing often used waxing machine, a small area is the use of dust or soft cloth to push. Now many people also have smaller, lighter weight waxing machine, waxing time can be easy to use. If there is no waxing machine, you can use dust push, soft cloth and other simple tools, do not look at the tool is simple, but the waxing effect is not necessarily bad, but may be more detailed. In addition, the need to prepare the floor wax. 3, clean up the ground, in the beginning of waxing, you need to wax the region needs to organize the furniture to determine the waxing area. Also clean the floor area to ensure that there is no dust or other dirt before waxing, to prevent waxing finish. Cleaning Generally wring the mop or a soft cloth to wipe the floor, clean, you need to wait for the floor completely dry before water waxing. </p>

<p>4, waxing, shake down the container with the floor wax, and stir well. Use a clean rag or sponge to fully dip the floor wax, do not drop as a standard. Shake and stir evenly floor wax, can not be visible at the first local trial to confirm no abnormalities after the overall wax. And then use a clean cloth or special wax wax to push the full dip dipped in wood floor wax, wood grain in accordance with the direction of the wood carefully painted, the speed should not be too fast, do not leak Tu or uneven thickness to keep thin thickness uniformity. 5, polishing, the general will play twice the way, the first time after kick down, and then play again wax. Each wax once must wait for a layer of wax to dry, to the next layer of wax, to be completely dry with a fine sandpaper or soft cloth polishing the surface.</p>

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