Instead of focusing on how your character deals with fame

Instead of focusing on how your character deals with fame

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Instead of focusing on how your character deals with fame, 2K17 asks you to cultivate relationships first and foremost. Paying attention in practice and putting the extra work in has an impact on the way in-game commentary perceives you, just as it does with your coach. Similarly, building a bond with Justice Young after overcoming your differences sees him becoming a major part in your own growth, as well as cementing a relationship between yourselves on the court.

Feeling like you need shoe sales before three-pointers? Your agent is there to guide you through it at the risk of losing court minutes and respect. Early on, you’re asked to make a choice of sneaker brands and all the possibilities that come with them. However, take too many media obligations and sacrifice what really counts and you could find yourself quickly frozen out. What’s a billboard worth if the player on it never plays?

The other small additions for NBA 2K MT Coins’s MyCareer all add up to make a big difference in the overall package. Being able to reply to texts with emojis (as pointless as that may sound) when you think your high school coach may be porking your mother, summoning your friend called Denver who also got drafted to Denver Nuggets with you to play some ball, and the simple feeling that what you do actually makes a difference, have all impressed me to no end so far.

It’s still early days, but judging from what I’ve seen so far, it looks like every other sports game out there will be even further behind NBA 2K17 by the time they try to catch up with what they’re doing next year.

In short, if 2K16’s MyCareer was a proof of concept, 2K17 is the finished article. Hoping you can find more improvements compared to all the previous NBA 2K games.

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