The new formulation of the successful children's floor

The new formulation of the successful children's floor

Postautor: harden » 27 wrz 2016, o 11:16

The same is the starting point for children, Baowang floor introduced to health care for the baby-themed promotional activities, we have been eager to respond to consumers. The starting point of the business is still: Parents are always concerned about the baby's healthy growth, but on the launch of the product line to make adjustments: environmental health series. The same is cold rice stir-fried, why consumers will buy it? Because the floor to draw a healthy daily life and children play sensitive areas that do not conflict, and cost-effective features of the product itself has a strong appeal to consumers, plus on a discount, many mothers are struggling to cope, willing to pay for the baby's health can be obtained such a success is not surprising.

Flexible work, change the pass. Baby health topic is not new, but the use of products to guide consumers to healthy growth of children present in front of a lot of risks, and establish a positive brand image, but counterproductive to consumers for the products to create a good reputation.

Compared to the slings and arrows of promotional activities in the price war, the concept of war, public promotion is obviously more sensible and easier for the rational consumer acceptance. In aid of charity to promote its brand at the same time, improve the economic efficiency of enterprises, closer relationship with consumers, improve social benefits, consumers now pay more attention to some things a cultural connotation of the brand and corporate image the inherent beauty of nature left more long-term. Innovative marketing model, to want families to be able to obtain long-term brand development, leopard king of recounts Yu insisted.

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