The first twelfth min's

The first twelfth min's

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16-17 French league season seventh across the contest in the Munixi Parr arena, Paris Saint Germain 0-2 absent defeat to Toulouse. The first half of two will forfeit Cavani scoring opportunities, Oriyah header risk score, the second half Arie delivered and accumulated two yellowish penalty, Boettiger burst broken firm, then dvrr Maas caught Mota failure to get another victory, the final Paris road to Buy FIFA Coins.

Paris at the weekend following your 3-0 win over Dijon has become quietly to table subsequent ranking, the Champions League against Arsenal repeatedly lost person of polish lineage Cavani also firepower, two games went into the 5 ball, the game if the home court successfully won the fifth ranked Toulouse team will temporarily get to be the League leader. First, Lucas, Di Maria and Cavani modest Trident, Silva and partner Maggini Aus Alea Obi as the defender, guarding the Longmen goalkeeper.

The first twelfth min's, Diop defense headed returning rub force is far too light, quick reaction to tongshe Cavani turned hit the doorway, but was the Laffont attack ahead of the attack damage. Eighteenth minutes, Toulouse opened the entrance left corner, Edward after a large Yueqi header Leipzig golf ball hit a corner to the left foot straight to your goal, but in the stop slightly missed.

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