Cheap wood floor

Cheap wood floor

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Case 1: floor cracking manufacturers Lu buckwheck live Tiexi District, best swimming pool decking australia in December last year, her house paved the floor of the house. In order to save costs, she finished buying a brand of wooden floor, in the street market, hiring a group of workers for pavement. However, shortly after use, the floor appeared blistering, cracking, chipping and other serious problems. Helpless, Lu Mou find the operator, the other two to be repaired and replaced pavement, the problem still continues to emerge. Lvmou find Tiexi District Consumers Association to complain. Consumers Association staff to see the home of the floor to see Lu Mou sample and take pictures, lightweight composite board that the complaint is true. The next day, CASE staff to do the work of the factory repeatedly, and according to consumer law analysis of the specific circumstances of the case. Eventually, the factory manager re-paved the floor for consumers, and re-calculate the three bags of time. In this connection, which lasted a few months of consumer disputes have finally been properly resolved. Case 2: Floor cracks complain of air drying Earlier this year, commercial park bench repaired with plastic lumber consumers Lin in a home improvement market in Tiexi District bought a value of more than 17,000 yuan a well-known brand floor, paved the floor after not long cracks. Lin found the floor dealer, the other reply to indoor air drying need humidification. Case 3: color is non-oxidized Huanggu District, who lives in the consumer Gemou, in the West District, a large home improvement building materials supermarket bought a brand of nearly a million dollars of solid wood flooring, pavement found the color of the floor with the time in the store Selected are very different. Found the shop, composite fence panels ontario the other said the color of wood flooring is allowed by the state, and placed in the consumer's home oxidation and other factors may cause this phenomenon. Consumers Gemou with the floor of the house came to the Consumers Association, the staff went to the West Xiaoxie store to understand the situation, that the two floors are inconsistent color. Eventually, the operator re-replaced the original color of the solid wood flooring for the consumer.
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