The use of solid wood flooring

The use of solid wood flooring

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According to statistics, the use of solid wood flooring in the process of the problem there are over half of the laying is due to improper, for not very understanding of the floor paving technology owners, this article suggests that you should avoid the following wrong operation. Uneven ground: uneven ground will cause part of the floor and the keel floating in the stampede will be issued when the floor sound. Keel is not moisture: qualified wood floor moisture content of about 12%, while the dry wood keel moisture content is about 25% in the case of excessive humidity difference, the wood floor will quickly absorb moisture, causing the floor from the Arch, paint burst.
Changes in environmental temperature and humidity can cause wood flooring expansion or contraction. When laying the floor in consideration of the environment temperature and humidity conditions, the wooden floor assembly of the tightness of a reasonable arrangement. Flooring assembled too loose, the contraction will appear after a larger gap; assembled too tight, the expansion will occur after the arch phenomenon. Fixed with nails: in the construction, such as to take a wedge and nails to play a fixed way, there will be due to wedge and nail contact surface is too small makes the nail holding force of the problem, easily lead to wood keel loose, stampede floor When the sound.
If the decoration team to lay the floor when the construction, and then on the floor for other construction, after the completion of the floor laying often take a month or longer to polish its paint. During this period, the floor and the surrounding environment, such as water vapor, chemicals, etc., if not taken any isolation measures, it will lead to wood floors because of drastic changes in water content and deformation, cracking and so on.
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