How to solve the problem of solid wood flooring is not water

How to solve the problem of solid wood flooring is not water

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Many families are now installed are solid wood flooring, wood is most afraid of Of course, water. If the home of solid wood flooring accidentally water, not only undermine the beautiful interior, but also affect the life of the floor. Can be said that the lethality of the water, but quite large. Next, talk about the treatment of solid wood flooring after the water.

First, the floor of a small area of water
Flooring water, the first thing to do, of course, is to dry the water, dry the floor with a dry cloth on the surface of the water, and then you can choose a practical vacuum cleaner in the water splashing the floor to absorb the gap or absorb water vapor with the hair dryer To dry; then you can use some heavy pressure in a small area from the Alice of the site, over time after the wooden floor will return to normal on their own. If after a period of time, the joints have drums go on, but with the floor as before the difference is too far, you can try to the floor waxing, waxing the water after the basic floor will be almost the same as the original. If the wax after the floor color, shape and status quo is still a big difference, it is only a partial replacement of the floor.

Second, the floor water situation is serious
If a large area of water flooding phenomenon, then we can not so simple to deal with, and should be carefully pry the floor, according to the "well" superimposed on the font placed in the ventilation dry, with its weight to prevent deformation happened.

Third, plus the keel, a small area of immersion in solid wood flooring
Timely detection of a small area of water, the ground can be cleaned, the board pry, the wet floor to dry and then re-installed; if the water slightly larger, not only to levy the leaking at the board, but also along the Keel row set the direction of the opposite side of the board also pry, so that the internal flow of air to take away moisture. If you can not determine the size of the water, preferably according to the flow of water in order to pry the board to view the wet conditions, so foolproof.

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