Shanghai floor

Shanghai floor

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<p>The first is the enterprise declaration, Shanghai boutique laminate flooring on the declaration of the requirements of enterprises is very strict for the declaration of production equipment and testing equipment, porch flooring 5/4 certification, assets and sales have rigid targets, but also in product performance standards, after-sales service Security system, and even the floor of the pavement team for the professionalism and the number of people are for investigation and validation; and then by the Shanghai Product Quality Supervision, wood composite decking malaysia Inspection of the wood room from the screening of the enterprises of the products of multi-batches of quality checks; Of the boutique floor of the panel of qualified enterprises to rate, comprehensive assessment, and then determine the list. According to statistics, boutique floor in the Shanghai market share has reached more than 80%, in order to eliminate counterfeit "Shanghai floor" for the Shanghai consumer confidence to buy the floor to lay a solid foundation. </p>
<p>A, to see whether the national invention patent. There is no national invention patent certificate is to identify the true and false antibacterial flooring key (antibacterial floor patent certificate and patent number). building a deck railing with raised posts Consumers must recognize when buying. B, to see if there is no national anti-bacterial identification signs. This is the second key point in the identification of antibacterial flooring, antimicrobial products are really anti-bacterial function, first of all to see whether it is identified by the National Antibacterial Labeling, which is antibacterial products to enter the market pass. C, to see if the store is selling antibacterial floor. environmentally friendly outdoor deck Proposed to the store to buy products, please show the antimicrobial products patent certificate and antimicrobial certification signs to ensure that genuine antibacterial floor. Until the compound floor area began to uprising. Finally broke the surface of the Wuwei market calm. </p>
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