drying and mechanical properties

drying and mechanical properties

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<p>During the processing, the wood is subjected to a series of dehydration, drying and mechanical properties, among which the important index - water content is between 6% and 12%. To ensure the stability of the entire fan door. As the original wooden door is not only "pure wood", it is "aniseed" made, both inside and outside the same wood, so the process requires a higher price is more expensive. The original composite outdoor tiles decking wooden doors are solid and durable, authentic feel. The disadvantage is the high cost, subject to temperature and wet and dry effects, easy to produce mild deformation, caulking crack, the surface or a knot, which part of the new door in the second year of spring inflation is not close to the phenomenon. </p><p> solid wood paste veneer process doors (1) craft door core material commonly used fir finger then Fang material, due to the characteristics of Chinese fir and finger-joining process (refers to Fang is from raw materials into Fang material wood composite fence kits and then open chisel-shaped mouth, with special glue Make-up molding, the purpose is to maximize the elimination of wood inherent deformation stress). After the deformation of wooden doors or temperature difference, the effect of wet and dry to a minimum, and the selection of high-quality imported veneer products, from the visual and tactile than the original wooden doors more perfect feeling. </p><p> The process of our door frames, door sets of lines, the same core material used fir finger joints Fang material, the door frame in the core material surface pressure splint and then paste veneer, different from the market part of the door factory products are fiber sheet composition , To avoid the installation of products after <a href="http://vinylcompositeplank.com/">Vinyl Composite Plank,Vinyl Composite Material Manufacturer</a>the wet feet wet feet swelling deformation defects, to ensure product durability. Compared with the original wood doors, solid wood doors is characterized by high quality and relatively low-key. "</p>
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