Chinese flooring companies

Chinese flooring companies

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Perhaps the Chinese flooring business only in the final defense of industry damage in the opportunity of the Last Stand. May 20, the US Department of Commerce announced the preliminary anti-dumping investigation on the floor of China results: Zhejiang Liangyou Wood Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Yuhua Wood Co., Ltd. applies a zero tax rate, Baroque Wood (Zhongshan) Co., Ltd. apply 10.88% , The other 73 companies participating in the anti-dumping sample responses applied the same 10.88% tax rate as the Baroque, and 82.65% tax rates were not applied to the enterprises involved in the sample dance floor alternatives
Coupled with anti-subsidy preliminary tax rate, in addition to Yuhua and Liangyou the tax rate is zero, the other companies involved in the double anti-compound tax rate of at least 13.13%, the highest reached 109.66%. This indicates that the Chinese flooring companies only in the final defense of industry damage in the Last Stand it possible to avoid defeating the US market. According to the analysis, precast slab philippinescompared to other similar Sino-US trade friction cases, the case of early tax rate is low.
In particular, the two companies in the double anti-zero tax rate survey, very rare, but the situation is still very grim. China Forestry Industry Association official said, the lowest composite tax rate of 13.13% much beyond the capacity of Chinese flooring companies, which means that China's flooring companies in the US market competitive advantage gone. In addition to the preliminary results of industrial damage, in the United States to China to the United States multi-storey wood flooring products dual anti-preliminary ruling stage, in addition to the two companies, the Chinese flooring business as a whole in a very unfavorable position. Home Depot Deck Boards
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