Solid wood doors

Solid wood doors

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<p>Solid wood doors sound insulation is good, and has a thermostat, humidity and other functions, the UV absorption effect is also strong in the indoor door in the high grade.", "Solid wood doors in the wood with outdoor flooring for patios Seychelles the original wooden door, promise what wood , Inside and outside are using this wood, so there is no obvious difference in appearance, after painting is also very close to the original wooden door. "Solid wood composite door door core to pine, fir or imported filler material bonding, paste MDF and Solid wood veneer, made by the high-temperature hot pressing, and solid wood lines Edge. </p><p> Some of the high-quality solid wood composite door to high-quality white pine door core to solid wood veneer for the veneer. PVC wood grain stickers steel doors, wooden doors and paper wood Exterior Floor Tiles Hastings grain stickers characteristics. (1) PVC wood grain leather door PVC material is a chemical material, environmental protection worse than other types of doors. PVC wood grain and paper wood grain leather is printed, its grain arrangement will make people feel in the same door on the repeated, and the texture of grain to look at a portrait in the picture.</p><p> such doors in the market price is generally lower than the original wooden doors and solid wood door, is the largest market share factors. But the installation encountered a collision or scraping, will cause rust or veneer inside the pvc roofing panels veneer material moisture absorption, repair and thus difficult, and such doors than the weight of wooden doors light, the switch is obvious, the proposed general decoration when used. Choose the company's products is your wise choice.</p>
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