comes to the floor

comes to the floor

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It is reported that in Europe and the United States and other countries, the three-tier parquet flooring occupy more than 90% share of the consumer market, when it comes to the floor, Europe and the United States consumers should be considered to be three-layer parquet, but in the country, three parquet Still lacking interest,Popular outdoor fence styles strengthening the floor to occupy the mainstream, multi-layer solid wood flooring and solid wood flooring a slight position.

How to promote the three-tier parquet to Chinese consumers, is a headache for them. Although the three-tier parquet in the domestic demand is very small, but many manufacturers,how long does composite fencing last since 1994 the first three-tier parquet production line settled in the country, more than a decade, have been over a hundred Enterprises engaged in three-tier parquet production, with an annual output of more than 50 million square meters,white beaded vinyl pvc plank veranda but more than 80% are for the supply of foreign markets.

Since the second half of 2008, the global financial crisis endangering the flooring industry, weak foreign consumer market, the state adjust the floor export tax rebates,cost of decking per square foot uk export orders for three-tier parquet enterprises suddenly reduced, today, still can not resume production, only to open the domestic market The door to save the fate.
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