specifications of the test floor

specifications of the test floor

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<p>Refers to the surface bonding strength bond strength to the substrate surface, the balance between the layer and the substrate. 6, thickness swelling ( Percent): You can say that this is one of the most important technical specifications of the test floor. Compared with wood laminate flooring floor,custom wall panels Sri Lanka</p>
<p>the most obvious advantage is the wear and deformation. The thickness swelling level will decide whether it is damp floor deformation and an important factor in the size of the deformation. Under the same test conditions, thickness swelling high floor moisture resistance poor, after big damp deformation;how much composite decking for 300 sq ft deck</p>
<p>low thickness swelling, deformation floor in case the tide after the small, anti-surge capacity is strong, product quality more it is good. 7, moisture content ( Percent): This metric is almost negligible, indicators within 4-10 Percent of the products are in line with standards,how much to put deck around pool with wood</p>
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