What is Scalping?

What is Scalping?

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What is Scalping? How to earn earnings?

In the forex market, Scalping is called the transaction methods that aim to obtain profits based on small changes in the prices of financial products in instant periods.
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The purpose of scalping, which is based on a strong technical and basic analysis knowledge, is solid technical editing; to make a profit quickly with instant buying and selling transactions and immediately take the profit by closing the position.

Scalping method traders are called scalper. In the Forex market, instantaneous and rapid transactions that generally do not exceed 7-8 pips profit are interpreted as scalping.

What is a pip? briefly define the pip; Pip (Price Interest Point); The parity, which is traded in the Forex market and the stock markets, is the smallest unit of change in the direction of a decrease or an increase in the prices of financial assets such as commodities and stocks. The change in the price of the instrument is expressed by pip. The price graphs also occur over the pip as calculated on the profit and loss pips in the forex market. For detailed information about the pip, you can read our pip article and get help from arabyfx Forex experts.
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Scalping Methods

The common goal is the same for all scalping methods; In a very short time period, small gains are usually achieved by closing the position and resulting in a large number of transactions to achieve high yields.

The most commonly used scalping method is to provide instant gain in the direction of movement and gain momentum in price movements that can occur as soon as the support or resistance points in the graphics are broken in a horizontal market. The risk ratio of this method, which is generally preferred by high volume investors, is also high.
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Re: What is Scalping?

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