If MLB wants to change for the better pu

If MLB wants to change for the better pu

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For all the changes MLB has proposed lately, itcontinues to ignore the one that would makethe most sense.Want real change, MLB?Bring the designated hitter to the National League.Stop trying to unnece sarily speed things up, and pull the trigger on the one changethat could actually make games more entertaining.Besides that, it's time.It's time.It's time.It's time.MORE: Baseball's great for multitasking, so pace of play is just fineApart from the obvious benefit of having the American and National leagues play under the same set of rules for the first time since the 1972 season, a unified DH policy would have other positives. Tim Tebow Jersey Such as:A boost in offense:MLB wants more offense. That makes sense.Offense is good. Fans love scoring.Though a pitcher's duel is occasionally fun, and while strong defense is a key component of winning baseball,it's still offense that drives the game. You can't win if you don't score, and you can't score if you don'tget on base. Removing pitchers and their near-automatic outs from the Gary Carter Jersey lineup and replacing them with competent major league hitters will give MLB the offensive boost it wants, while also making the gamemore acce sible and more entertaining for fans. My simple theory:Most fans prefer more runs to fewer runs. Which is why there would be ...More opportunity for players: Adding 15 DH positions in the majors would allow more players to have full-time big-league jobs and, in theory, longer and more succe sful careers. One-tool offensive players would no longer have to pin hopes solely on the American League, with half the teams in the sport not interested because of limited defensive abilities. Likewise, National League teams would have more comfort and flexibility in drafting and/or trading. Just as some pitchers are groomed as closers from the start Craig Kimbrel, for example players could be groomed as hitting specialistsfrom Day One. If we can have specialized pitchers Jose Reyes Jersey acro s the sport, we can havespecialized hitters. Which means ...It will legitimize the position: Even though the DH has been in place for 44 years, many still view it as an illegitimate position. He's just a DH orIt's not real baseball arepopular cries fromcritics. Bringing the DH to the National League would certainly help le senthis argument, and perhaps eliminate it. If every team has a DH, it's really hard to claim it's not legitimate baseball. This legitimacy would extend to Hall of Fame voting, too. As we've seen with Edgar Martinez's Cooperstown candidacy, some voters remain unconvinced that his numbers warrant induction because he didn't play a ton of defense after his early seasons.At the same time, elite closer Trevor Hoffman will be Tim Tebow Womens White Jersey inducted before long, as will all-time-best Mariano Rivera. If we reward pitchers whoexcel in such a specialized role with Hall of Fame induction, the same should apply to hitters who excel in theirspecialized role. In other words, if the DH is an official position and it already is we should embrace it and celebrate it accordingly.MORE: Spring training reporting dates for all 30 teamsWhat's crazy about the DH in the National League is that it would be considered a drastic change, Men's New York Mets White Jersey a sport-altering change. While true in one sense,it would actually be le s of a change than eliminating the four-pitch intentional walk, which has lots of support,and definitely le s than putting a runner at second base at the start of every extra inning, an experiment set to begin in the low minors this season.Neither of those proposals makes sense from a make-the-game-better standpoint.But the DH to the National Leagueis just the kind of change for the better MLB should want.
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