Wood is a resource-based

Wood is a resource-based

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The floor is the highlight of the entire renovation inside, improve scientific floor is the floor with nice long, durable, and this is a very important science.no formaldehyde garden fence Wood is a resource-based products, flooring is a resource-based products which are now talking about the floor of the precious luxury of, which means that there is lack of resources.

In this case, we are engaged in scientific and technological workers, CST today's leaders have come, the local government officials came to China Jing floor visionary approach are agreed.outdoor and indoor construction decoration wood deck cost I asked the following questions, hoping the flooring industry, especially Chun licensing floor to strengthen this concern.

First, change the new timber, this range is very wide, very short of our national forest coverage gradually increases now, wood is soft light, perishable, there are limited resources. building materials used for tropical monsoon climate But our focus is to claim the floor durable, there is a new change to relate to wood, soft before hardening, hardwood optimization, light weight of the material, deepening shallow timber, timber deep fade. This is the first problem.
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