home wood floor

home wood floor

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This reporter learned that, Anhui Province is piloting a "formaldehyde-free" composite wood flooring, and is the first national, which means that the future of composite yard fences Ethiopia home wood floor will be more healthy.

"Trial production is a member of Wuhu, as far as I know this is the first." Anhui Chamber of Commerce President Jiang Ming introduced wood products, trial production technology from the Chinese Academy of Forestry, has applied for a national patent. Jiang Ming said that the previous composite wood flooring to use a called "urinary aldehyde glue," the raw material bonding, the new process with thermoplastic and resin instead of this material,deck board plastic ends the composite wood flooring is not formaldehyde.

"Many research institutions are also studying other alternative materials,plastic balcony chair singapore but only the technology is mature and stable." At present, the national standard for the implementation of formaldehyde emission of the floor is a mandatory environmental standards,olympic maximum canyon brown E1 level, �� 1.5mg / L , The market is currently the best compound wood flooring formaldehyde content is 0.5mg / L.
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