solid wood paste

solid wood paste

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<p>How to distinguish stickers, solid wood paste and solid wood pressure surface it? Li Zhuowen said stickers are often uniform texture of the furniture panel, and solid wood furniture and solid wood pressure surface can see membrane for decking the solid wood surface scars and small blemishes. In contrast, solid wood pressure surface of the furniture will be more texture than the solid wood paste.</p><p> hardware Hardware as an important component of furniture, its quality directly affects the quality and life of the plate furniture. Good hardware, smooth surface without rust, sliding open and close smoothly, will not produce noise. If the hardware surface paint, there may be manufacturers in order to cover up the surface of hardware rust and blemishes, need special attention.environmental protection The current board furniture, environmental how to make a bench out of composite decking protection is divided into E0 level, E1 level and E2 level, E0 level of the best environmental performance,</p><p> flatness to buy furniture, shake furniture, if there is not only that the bottom of the furniture is not enough Flat, and the quality of sheet metal and sheet metal and the combination of defects are plate office furniture Although it looks simple, in fact, a lot of temporary outdoor fence ideas professional stuff for a time is difficult to distinguish consumers, summed up is to look at the plate density, Thickness, environmental protection, workmanship, hardware accessories and the like, between the different furniture manufacturers to compare products can be concluded soon.</p>
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