Eco - board purchase skills

Eco - board purchase skills

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When buying eco-board is generally look at its overall shape, such as we look at the surface of the plate, if it is bright, smooth, indicating that the quality of the plate is good, if it is found on the surface of bubbles, rugged, Non-Slip Outdoor Rubber Mats for PavementsThe panel edge is not bonded tightly and lead to a large gap of such panels is the quality of substandard. Finally, we look at this piece of board whether the quality inspection departments of the seal and testing signs.

This is mainly to smell the odor emitted by eco-board to identify the ecological board is good or bad, eco-board general distribution of the smell is mainly a touch of wood flavor, there will be no other irritating odor, if the smell of other irritating odor , Indicating that the ecological plate within the chemical substances caused by excessive, Corrugated Wood Plastic Gazebo Roof Materialsuch an ecological board is not good.

Mainly ask manufacturers about eco-board environmental issues and the content of chemical substances, and the content of such a chemical substance is generally a test report to determine, but also have equivalent restrictions.Composite Wood Plastic SheetingFrom the level of environmental protection generally in accordance with international standards are divided into E0, E1, E2 three grades, these grades are mainly embodied in the release of formaldehyde, respectively E2 �� 5mg / L, per kilogram of plate, E2 grade formaldehyde E0 �� 0.5mg / L, E0 level of formaldehyde emission is less than or equal to 0.5 mg. wood porch flooring tongue and grooveThe amount of formaldehyde emission of less than or equal to 5 mg; E1 �� 1.5mg / L, E1 level of formaldehyde release of less than or equal to 1.5 mg; So we buy eco-board must know this knowledge, in order to buy eco-friendly eco-board.

Mainly touch the ecological board, and then touch the feel of the eco-board, first touch the surface of the eco-board to feel the surface roughness, and then feel the texture of the eco-board is smooth, the last is to use Hand pressing the eco-board, mainly to test its density, high density naturally will not be deformed.
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