Introduction of Wood

Introduction of Wood

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Wood powder as an organic filler of plastic, with many other inorganic filler can not match the excellent features: wide range of sources, low price, low density, good insulation, wear and tear on the processing equipment. But it is not as inorganic fillers that have been widely used, the main factors are poor compatibility with the matrix resin in the molten thermoplastic lax poor, poor mobility, extrusion processing and so difficult. With the continuous development of wood-based skills and environmental protection needs of the growing progress, plastic wood skills from a single component of the waste plastic and wood powder were mixed production of wood products to the multi-component waste plastics and wood powder mixed production of wood products Transition, so that multi-component compatibility between the waste plastic becomes very important.

Because wood powder is the main component of cellulose, cellulose contains a lot of hydroxyl groups, these hydroxyl groups constitute intermolecular hydrogen bonds or intramolecular hydrogen bonds, so that wood powder with water absorption, moisture absorption rate of 8% to 12% Of the strong; the majority of thermoplastic non-polar, with hydrophobic, so the compatibility between the poor, the interface of the bond is very small. The use of appropriate additives to modify the appearance of the polymer-wood flour can improve the interfacial affinity between the wood flour and the resin, and the modified wood flour filler has an enhanced property that allows an excellent transfer between the filler and the resin Of the stress, and then reach the role of enhanced composite data strength.

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