re-wax grinding machine

re-wax grinding machine

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<p>Such as being burned or scratched, can be used to re-wax grinding machine can be worn. Often need to use waxing maintenance. Composite PVC floor is the top layer of pure PVC transparent layer, which is a layer of wear-resistant layer. Wear-resistant layer of the surface of the seagulls by special treatment of PU surface aging. Next, the printing indoor play area plastic fencing layer and the foam layer are added. PVC flooring: wear-resisting, anti-skid, anti-bacterial, anti-dirt, clean PVC membrane Advantages: wear-resisting, anti-bacterial, anti-skid, anti-static, antistatic, sound-absorbing effect, foot feeling good; Materials, non-formaldehyde, recyclable, flame retardant, easy maintenance, low cost. </p><p>PVC sheet (sheet) Advantages: non-friable, easy handling, fire, antibacterial, construction convenience, waste recycling. Imported PVC general use of glass fiber stabilization layer (size stability or not) Zhaqi surface faculty faculty of mature technology (wear resistance), environmental build cover for concrete patio protection (heavy metals: lead, cadmium; volatile: formaldehyde and other security) amplitude generally 1.5 ~ 2.0m PVC flooring construction technology and process: floor detection - floor pretreatment - self-leveling construction (primer) </p><p>- self-leveling construction (mixing) - self-leveling construction (laying) (Pre-laying and cutting) - Paving of floors (pasting) - Paving of floors (exhausting, rolling) - Paving of flooring (slit) - Paving of floors (welds) - - Floor cleaning, maintenance PVC floor fire rating for the B f1 level. (And the old standard B1 level is the same modern pergola composite level of fire protection requirements did not improve, but the original B1 level to B f1 level.) B1 level: flame retardant building materials, refers to the flames of the burning reaction, but the flame left , The fire extinguished and will not spread.</p><p>
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