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    Decoration hot season with the gradual warming of the arrival of the weather, before there are many owners of friends in the decoration will be entangled in the home is a shop wood floor or floor tile, but because of wood floor noise reduction, foot comfort and other multiple features, Most people are now in the decoration are sure to pave the floor at home. There are many different flooring products on the market, in the purchase may often feel no way to start. This edition of the editor for several recommended the latest high-quality flooring products on the market, hoping to help you provide some direction in the selection.

     Flooring type: parquet

     Wood species: white oak

     Product specifications: 1210 * 165 * 15 / 1.2 (mm)

     Oak has been Europe and the United States since ancient times the production of wood flooring, whether it is heavy antique style or simple modern style, oak can be the perfect embodiment of the owners by many friends of the favorite. This oak flooring is inherited with the American Anderson technician's classic hand scraper processing white oak, conform to the white oak texture, through the narrow knife handle to make the white rubber surface more undulating feeling, trembling processing point to the point, Scar show a unique curve of the United States, but also for users to bring a more comfortable and relaxed foot feeling.

     The use of new paint formulations, both to ensure that the floor surface durable and easy to take care of, but also take into account the paint is more transparent and clear, delicate and full, the perfect show of the natural beauty of wood. At the same time, the design will penetrate into the floor of every detail, but also a major highlight of the floor. Chamfering at the use of large arc process, after mechanical cutting and then carefully hand-polished by the technician to smooth the edge of the floor stretch lines, the level of feeling the full.
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