Geothermal floor What are the precautions

Geothermal floor What are the precautions

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<p>How to make the use of geothermal floor to get the maximum effect? ​​Geothermal floor technology and the general floor is slightly different, so we geothermal floor installation and routine maintenance need to pay attention to some small details. Today, we work together to understand the ground floor heating to pay attention to the points it! First, the choice of geothermal floor, the home must be reserved thermostat switch position, and consider the capacity of the meter is sufficient, as well as furniture placement and other factors. Second, the ground floor before the installation of geothermal floor to be meticulous. </p>

<p>Should ensure that the laying of ground floor heating floor flat, the ground should be completely dry and remove dust. Before installation of geothermal floor, must be geothermal heating test to ensure that the heating system is operating normally. And to keep warm 24 hours or more, so that the ground dry, to ensure moisture content standards. Third, the use of geothermal floor surface temperature can not be too high. Whether it is to choose water and heat radiation heating or cable heating system, do not use the ground in the field stoves, electric stoves and so will make the ground temperature overheating of the electrical, surface temperature is too high under the aluminum-plastic composite pipe may melt. </p>
<p>Geothermal floor maintenance and maintenance of its special requirements, so in the heating and moisturizing areas require special attention.Fourth, the initial use of geothermal floor heating should be gradual. The optimum temperature for installation should be controlled at about 18 ℃. And the temperature gradually increased steadily every day until 18 ℃ when it can begin to install. After the installation is complete, but also to maintain the temperature of three days before they can begin to use. </p>

<p>Warming too fast, may cause the expansion of the floor cracking deformation. As the winter climate is dry, coupled with the use of geothermal heating, the floor in the case of long-term high temperature, easy to dry, so the room should be moderately humidified to prevent the floor dry deformation. In addition, as the floor surface is distributed heat, try not to put fixed decorative pieces of its surface or legless furniture, so as not to affect the air flow, affecting the room heating effect.</p>

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