Four sides of the floor

Four sides of the floor

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Perhaps five years ago, Dewey floor also unknown. However, from 2005 to 2006, Dulwich floor industry peers began to be concerned about. At the same time also known as strengthening the floor of the industry, said the godfather of Peng Hongbin optimistic. Last year, Peng Hongbin in charge of Germany's Keno Wood's Rhein Sunshine and Dulwich floor signed a technical cooperation.
"NCD without corner technology" Let Dewei well-known industry Peng Hongbin is optimistic about the Dewey floor independent research and development "NCD without corner technology." This is the main reason for the attention of many peers. What is "NCD without corner technology"? The traditional laminate flooring, due to processing technology, the two pieces of the joint is a flat floor, but the two pieces in the mosaic can not be achieved when the complete level of the same, so the edge of the mosaic or some slight level of error , Which makes the mosaic of the floor in use easy to wear, so as to affect the overall effect of the appearance and service life.
In some public places we often see the four sides of the floor was grinding white phenomenon, this is because the floor mosaic caused by the level difference. "NCD no corner processing technology" uses a molded flooring production line technology, will strengthen the wooden floor around the edge of sinking, so that the edge of the sink part of the decorative layer and the floor surface color, pattern in keeping with the same time, the edge of the Sinking surface also has the same degree of wear-resistant surface, and the visual effect is more beautiful, seamless, and almost no difference between solid wood flooring.
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