Wood flooring maintenance details farewell short-lived board

Wood flooring maintenance details farewell short-lived board

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Wood floors are stamped out every day countless times, it is easy to be ignored, usually more than just rub it, balcony raliing in fact, if noted that some small details, can be multiplied to increase the life of the floor. 1, all kinds of floor need to often dust, usually with a broom or a vacuum cleaner to remove dust, often trampled places more diligent in dust. Particular attention should be paid to the entrance hall and the aisle leading to the outside.
Also in order to prevent dust from entering the house, can be placed in the entry dust mat, or in the door at the bottom of the installation of dust. 2, dry than wet, use the mop to clean the floor, the mop wring dry and then use better, too wet mop, the use of water will seep into the seams, hurt the floor,garden decking causing the floor tilt deformation, especially Wood flooring, plastic flooring, cork tiles. 3, carefully selected appropriate skin care products, select the water-based wax for the floor, one only use a wax, if the use of different products will be mixed wax reaction, so that the floor sticky dirty. 4, the amount of floor wax goods to be appropriate, if too thick coating will be more easily sticky dirt on the floor, more difficult to polish the floor.
5, move to be careful, to move the furniture, it is recommended to use lift the way to avoid dragging, so as not to scratch the floor; to further protect your wooden floor, the bottom of the furniture can be fitted with cloth or gasket. (Expensive wood flooring is not only costly to replace, but also costly and time-consuming, Porch floor according to the following method as long as you spend a small part of the cost of reloading can make your wooden floor a new look and wood flooring can also be renovated several times, Refurbished: 1, the use of large floor renovation machinery several times to remove the paint polished layer, surface layer, the wood layer of about 0.5 mm, and then after careful sanding to make the floor surface fine , Smooth to a new state.
Floor corner grinding using a small angle grinder to achieve the overall smooth effect .2, the original side seam transparent putty removed, re-sealing, and then the entire floor sealed primer, to be dry. 3, until the primer dry,balcony raliing brush the first pass finish, to be dry .4, with more than 300 mesh water gauze carefully ground to the surface slightly rough, remove the dust, brush the second layer of paint .5, according to the above procedures Brush three to four times the finish, the last time not grinding.
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