How to maintain the wooden floor?

How to maintain the wooden floor?

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For the wood floor, whether it is a gym or other places,Decking Fencing Market United States maintenance is an essential link. Proper maintenance not only makes the wood floor look more clean and tidy, but also can play a role in extending the life of the floor. Then tell us how to maintain the wooden floor?

At present, most gyms use solid wood flooring, built in wooden decking seatingwhile the maintenance of solid wood flooring is very important, a little carelessness will lead to the occurrence of borers. First, solid wood flooring at the time of cleaning can not be in contact with a lot of water, can not contact with corrosive liquid, this will lead to the floor surface of the paint film is destroyed, the next is regular waxing, because the gym strong athletic will So that the floor surface of the paint film faded, cheapest porch plank flooringthen the time to pay attention to waxing evenly coated wipe, until the surface smooth and bright so far.

Then the maintenance in the weekdays, pay attention to pricing wood plastic composite deck in the Maltaprevent direct sunlight, often open the window ventilation, do not place sharp objects on the floor surface. It is strictly forbidden to use solvent-based products to clean the wooden floor of gymnasium. It is recommended to use special water-soluble cleaning agent.
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