Healthy good flooring

Healthy good flooring

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<p>For children, the choice of the floor must be careful! People have 2/3 of the time spent in the room, only the choice of formaldehyde emissions close to zero in the floor, in order to truly have health. wpc porch flooring In all flooring brands, the pleasant floor with its excellent health quality stand out, as many owners of the preferred brand decoration. Green flooring healthy choice of pleasant floor to promote "pleasant, Yixin, should be life" concept of life, wholeheartedly responsible for the child 's health. Pleasant to believe that only the floor can be intimate contact, is really good health floor! In 2001, the pleasant floor through the ISO9001-2000 international quality management system certification and ISO14001-1996 international environmental system certification. flooring for balcony According to the authority of the State Quality Supervision and Testing Center recently issued a report shows that the pleasant formaldehyde emission of healthy floor average of 0.1mg / L, much lower than the highest level of environmental protection in Europe EO formaldehyde content technical requirements, Is the world's most healthy one of the floor! Innovative quality of excellence Continuous innovation is the pursuit of pleasant flooring tirelessly, pleasant wooden floor set up a world-class Institute of Wood, synthetic wood pergolas the collection of authoritative experts in wood to high-tech, high-tech to meet market demand. Pleasant flooring is the crystallization of many excellent materials gathered by the advanced technology, the bottom of the use of 1.8P balance paper, pleasant floor solemn commitment to the consumer to the company: If there is a pleasant floor by the provincial or national authorities to test out unqualified, the Company will For you to make double compensation! Buy rest assured that the use of Shuxin experts know that good half of the floor by pavement! Pavement is in place directly determines the comfort of the floor and the use of life. Pleasant floor has the highest level of the industry-wide installation of the installation team, each service follow the "five-star health service standards" - free measurement before installation and door-to-door, the installation of the most reasonable installation program, pvc board sheet UAE never waste a Flooring; installed free of charge after the replacement floor, cleaning the scene and issued a 10-year warranty card, so that consumers can enjoy peace of mind a one-stop service. Pleasant health floor of the province's large-scale extension shop, Thanksgiving feedback, especially around the new listing, launched a series of promotional activities, welcomed the broad masses of consumers come to the major chain stores, together witness the perfect quality EO-class health floor.
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