China's flooring industry

China's flooring industry

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Behind the intense innovation ... ...

Why Germany Kenuo Wood Group launched in May this year, the fifth generation of laminate flooring - Rhein Sunshine sports floor just three months time will be so quickly introduced, including "he added her" "F0" Of the many new products? Germany Kono Wood Group President of China, Rhine Sunshine brand head of Mr. Peng Hongbin said, I personally think that the mission of the enterprise has two, or reduce the cost of the product to consumers more affordable price, or constantly Carry on technological innovation, give consumers more and better new products. At present the Group's two major brands of Rhine Sunshine, Kenuo Sen Hua are committed to continuous breakthrough in these two areas, the German Kenuo Wood Group as the world's leading manufacturer of laminate flooring, in the growing scale of production process Has been achieved to give consumers the same value than similar products delivered. At the same time, continue to create new products to meet and enhance people's home concept is the bounden duty of enterprises. In addition, not long ago occurred with the strengthening of China's wood flooring industry is closely related to the development of the two events is also touched me to speed up technological innovation, and continuously enhance the core competitiveness of the product an important factor. One in Canada encountered anti-dumping penalties, and the other in the United States suffered a lock patent infringement prosecution. Occurrence of frequent foreign trade exports blocked, objectively with foreign trade protectionism have a certain relevance, the subjective also exposed China's own products also need to continuously improve the quality and increase value-added products.

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