The Purists

The Purists

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The Purists

Ah, the footballing professors, students of the game, those that pore over stats and analysis and enjoy an innate understanding of what makes football matches tick.

Those that believe gameplay trumps all, in other words. PES 2017 offers the best on-pitch action for our money, serving up matches that take on their own narrative and teams that feel like individual units rather than the same bunch with differing stats.

Most things - passing especially - are sharper on PES’s pitch, with you able to adapt your game to both your team and your opponent as the AI brilliantly buzzes around the pitch.

Understanding the game of football is just as important as being able to wield a controller. And each match, be it 4-3 thrillers or 0-0 wars, are a pleasure.

That’s not to say that FIFA 17 Coins PS3 doesn’t play a good game of football. In fact, the move to Frostbite has brought the most enjoyable FIFA in some time. It is fast-paced and fizzy, with a nice variety in goals and scorelines.

Pace and power are nicely implemented, with a more dynamic physical game making target men viable attacking options. It is a good game, for sure, but just falls behind PES in a few key areas. Tactical variety remains an issue, where individual teams don’t feel different enough from match-to-match.

It isn’t quite as responsive as PES, with some of the game still feeling a bit on-rails as fancy animations unfold and your players delay reacting to your commands. And lastly, the AI isn’t quite as smart, particularly in defence, with players standing off opponents too readily as they sweep the ball around the pitch.

It is a closer run thing than some would have you believe, but for all of its excellence, FIFA just doesn’t flow quite as well as its rival.

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