Environmentally friendly wood flooring

Environmentally friendly wood flooring

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With the trend of low-carbon environmental trends, as well as the modern pursuit of their own health, Cheap Recycled Woods Siding Productsthe concept of green within the home industry is also more and more blowing strong. Many consumers in the purchase of wood flooring when the green will take into account the problem, but nowadays a variety of labels labeled green certification of a wide variety of people dazzling. People can not help but ask, how to buy environmentally friendly wood flooring?

According to the experts, the current highest standard of environmental protection certification is China's environmental label, the logo is not only the State Environmental Protection Administration authorized green certification, exterior siding wood floorbut also the only government issued by the highest authority of environmental protection products logo. Then the enterprise in order to obtain this mark, must pass by the State Environmental Protection Administration, General Administration of Quality Supervision, and other 11 ministries and representatives of well-known experts of the State Environmental Protection Administration Environmental Certification Center, deck skirting materialsthe highest standard product certification. In China's express provisions which have been

That only through the 10-ring certification of the product can really be called a green product.

For the majority of wood flooring business, the pursuit of higher product quality and environmental standards, Wood Plastic Composite Doorsonly to truly implement environmental protection and become the industry leader in order to truly be recognized and respected by consumers. Then the best way to buy wood flooring products, the best choice with the 10 ring logo environmental certification products, these products in the selection, design, production, pavement and other links have strict management in the main materials, accessories and ingredients can To achieve environmental standards, our lives and health are a guarantee.
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