Floor decoration materials

Floor decoration materials

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<p>First, solid wood. As the solid wood flooring in the processing technology, material selection and pavement technology has made great progress, not in the past pavement, paint and polished,composite decking talk<a href="http://externalfloor.com/product/2213.html">cascade redwood decking</a> so the indoor environmental pollution is relatively small, and not easy to deformation and tilt. At present, people's living conditions greatly improved, the room area is relatively large, the room's living room, bedroom and other functional distinction, tile wall panels<a href="http://externalfloor.com/product/3449.html">decking wood plastic</a>coupled with the supporting the use of some high-end residential, solid wood flooring is currently in the decoration of the ground material which is already in the high price.</p>

<p>Second, wood-based panels. The main is a variety of composite flooring, parquet and bamboo flooring in recent years popular. This kind of material has the advantage of making full use of natural resources, convenient for factory and mechanized processing, good surface pattern and hardness, convenient for paving, using and replacing.vinyl fence tampa<a href="http://externalfloor.com/product/3082.html">acrylic fence covers</a> Although these materials generally have some formaldehyde pollution problems, but in recent years the state has introduced strict control standards, the relevant departments continue to strengthen supervision and inspection, pollution problems have been controlled, as the current home decoration use of relatively large ground material.</p>

<p>Third, stone tile class. In recent years, due to the problem of radioactive pollution of stone and home decoration, home decoration in the use of natural stone is gradually reduced, but the use of ground tiles more and more families. In particular, the current specifications of some tiles, style, color gradually increased,composite decking pergola<a href="http://externalfloor.com/product/6147.html">advantages and disadvantages of composite decking</a> while a durable, convenient features, although there will be radioactive pollution problems, but because of strict state control, as consumers in the decoration, kitchen, decoration living room , Restaurants, and some even renovated bedroom, study the choice of the ground material.</p>
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